IPT Goes Free

I have made the decision to release all of the finished Intelligent Photo Tools products as free downloads. I refuse to pay Adobe to rent the tools I use (i.e. - Photoshop CC-whatever) and can therefore no longer continue to develop the Intelligent Photo Tools as I had planned. Adobe's decision to deprecate Flash Panel support in 2014 and failure to provide a suitable replacement development solution left me unable to release what was intended to be my flagship product, ipt Photomator. I swore my copies of Adobe Photoshop CS6 would be the last penny Adobe would ever see from me if they refused to offer a perpetual license model for subsequent releases of Photoshop. Adobe has made their choice and apparently millions of their short-sighted customers have made theirs and reinforced these business decisions. I am now making mine to adhere to my principles and not compromise my position on this.

As of today these tools are being provided as free downloads and my current plan is to release open-source versions by the end of 2015 provided I do not find a suitable purchaser for the business.

If you are a developer who is interested in taking over an establish business and are interested in purchasing the name, code, domain and all other related intellectual property in order to continue commercial development of these tools, contact me.

Thank you to all the IPT customers for your patronage,



ipt NexGen Actions
ipt NexGen Developer Toolkit
ipt RoboLoader
ipt Templator